Welcome to the Anti-Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Learning Hub

This Hub intends to be a horizontal learning community that links academics, policymakers and practitioners working on issues of faith, faith leaders and religious actors’ contribution to ending trafficking and modern slavery.

As a member of this hub, you can connect with colleagues around the world to leverage joint expertise and build collaborations that seek to increase the understanding of better practices for faith engagement in ending trafficking and modern slavery. We welcome you to share resources and other learnings with peers.

We hope that members will be seekers and gatherers of knowledge to spur each other on towards informing and improving policy and practice between faith groups, humanitarian, and development communities.

Learn about the JLI AHT-MS Hub: Informing Better Practices: Shared Learning to End Human Trafficking


The co-chairs of the JLI Learning Hub Anti-Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery are:

Anne Gregora, Salvation Army, Programme Advisor for AHT & GBV Emma Tomalin, University of Leeds, Professor of Religion and Public Life Christa Foster Crawford, J.D., Freedom Resource International and Human Rights Law Center, Payap University Faculty of Law


Hub Progress in 2019: Scoping Study Published!

The AHT-MS Hub scoping study explores the programmes and initiatives of local faith actors (which can include formal and informal religious leaders, worship communities, faith networks, and local and national faith-based organisations) in their response to modern slavery and human trafficking in the Global South. It brings together evidence from a review of over 200 pieces of grey and academic literature and 14 interviews with practitioners. It is the most wide-ranging presentation, to date, of on-the-ground work of local faith actors (LFAs) responding to modern slavery and human trafficking in the Global South.

Faith & Freedom: The Role of Faith Actors in Anti-Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking- A Scoping Study 

Faith & Freedom Scoping Study- Executive Summary



Faith & Freedom Scoping Study Launch Webinar 


Hub Plans for 2020

  • The AHT-MS Hub will start a study in 2020 focused on the gaps in the previous study especially regionally
  • The AHT-MS Hub will dive deeper into the themes and key concepts from the AHT scoping study in a webinar series throughout 2020. Stay tuned for the hubs’ upcoming webinars and become a member here.