Suggestions and good practices for Sunday schools, church-run schools and summer camps to implement the “Churches’ Commitments to Children”

This toolkit provides resources for churches, church-run schools, and summer camps to support intergenerational climate and environmental justice and promote care for children by stopping further global warming. All churches are encouraged to promote education and action to address climate change, reduce CO2 emissions, and protect the environment in their activities for and with children and youth.

The resource has three main sections:

  1. GET INFORMED. This section includes resources available to educate children of various age groups about climate change and environmental challenges.
  2. GET INSPIRED. This part presents inspiring initiatives happening around the world, from global movements to church communities and small groups of individuals.
  3. TAKE ACTION. This section illustrates that, from small acts to major movements, everyone can do their part to address environmental challenges and promote behaviours and choices that respect creation. Anyone can help to stop global warming

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