It becomes ever clearer that climate change is the greatest challenge that we and future generations face; a true horseman of the apocalypse. This book comes at a crucial time. Without swift, decisive action, the consequences of climate change will be devastating.

On a trip to Fiji last year, I was told by my hosts,‘For you Europeans climate change is a problem for the future; for us, it is a problem of everyday survival’. The contributions of our Polynesian friends in this book illustrate how, for many, climate change is already climate crisis. And, Polynesia is just one example of the repercussions of climate change we are seeing worldwide. In Nigeria, desertification has caused conflict amongst tribes competing for dwindling resources. In Bangladesh, monsoons have killed thousands. There are many many more examples.

As a Christian, I believe in the words of Psalm 24,‘The earth is the Lord’s, and all that is in it’. We are the stewards of God’s creation and it is our sacred duty to protect the natural world,which we have so generously been given. Responding to climate change is an essential part of this responsibility. But it is not only that. When we look at Jesus we see one who instinctively stood alongside the most vulnerable in society. It is absolutely clear that following Jesus today must include standing alongside those who are on the front line of this unfolding catastrophe.

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