Tearfund’s Advocacy toolkit is easy to understand and easy to use. It is an introductory and comprehensive guide to the theory and practice of advocacy. It is set out in a logical order, providing a clear overview and guidance about advocacy, based on the key questions: What? Where? Who? Why? and How?

Each section is in three parts:

  • Teaching notes covering the most important points in question and answer format
  • Tools that are designed to be freestanding but also to double up as handouts in a training workshop
  • Training exercises for applying the teaching and using the tools in a training workshop, with clear instructions about how to facilitate them

The NEW second edition includes 80 case studies sharing the learning and experience of Tearfund partners over the past 12 years. There is a new section on the challenge of doing advocacy in a difficult political context, an expanded section on monitoring and evaluating advocacy and new material offering a Christian perspective on human rights.


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